The State Bar of Texas has launched an initiative urging Texas lawyers to evaluate their contingency plans and to designate one or more custodial attorneys in the case of a sudden cessation of practice.

This measure is made in an effort to help practicing attorneys better prepare for emergencies and to protect their clients from their attorney ceasing their practice for a variety of unexpected reasons. Please click the image below to visit the new Succession Planning Portal.

The Law Practice Management first and foremost encourages Texas Bar Members to visit the new Succession Planning Portal launched by in April of 2020.

Additional Succession Planning Resources

The Law Practice Management Committee has also provided supplemental information to review when considering succession plans. Please visit the various resources listed below to strengthen your and your client’s resiliency in the face of unexpected events.

Creating a Disaster Readiness Plan

This How-To Guide for increasing your knowledge about disaster readiness packs a lot of punch. The text will take you through how to create an outline for a Disaster Readiness Plan. Resources include a downloadable PDF link for easy printing, a template for a “Launch Code Card,” A Sample Disaster Plan, a Disaster Response Team Sample, and a downloadable version of the full text of Bracing for Impact, a 2011 release by Texas Bar Books authored by Paul T. Martin.

Closing a Practice

The closing-a-practice directory page provides a variety of articles for the many affected when a practice needs to be closed down. This directory is especially helpful for those coming to an attorney’s aid after a sudden cessation of practice, and provides material for both attorneys and judges. Be sure to look at the linked resources at the end of the articles for additional helpful documents.